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Drinking water in Switzerland is in Danger. Using fertilizer on fields causes nitrates to seep into the ground water. We have developed a system which minimizes the concentration of ammonia in liquid manure and thereby reduces its nitrate content. This not only allows farmers in Switzerland to fertilize their crops more efficiently, but also keeps the ground water clean. To be able to employ this scientifically approved system all across Switzerland, we need your support.

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The Cycle
of Agriculture

Liquid manure, an exceptionally valuable and natural fertilizer, plays an integral part in the cycle of nature and agriculture. The crops cultivated by farmers provide humans as well as animals with indispensable food. Without the manure produced by animals such as cows, pigs or chickens, it would not be possible to sustain these crops, as it contains nutrients which are essential for the growth of plants.

Increased ammonia content in liquid manure threatens ground water

Unfortunately, one of the nutrients found in liquid manure poses an enormous threat to various ecosystems. Due to the high content of ammonia in manure, more nitrates are oxidized during fertilization than can be absorbed by the plants. The remaining water-soluble nitrates seep into the ground water, where they are not broken down. This phenomenon has already led to a poisoning of the ground water in vast parts of Italy, as well as Germany, making the drinking water noxious, and thus threatening the health of humans and animals alike.


PuraSystem solves the problem with innovation

Purasystem, developed by experienced biologists, agronomists, and mechanical engineers, provably reduces the content of ammonia in liquid manure up to 60 to 90 percent. Thanks to the newly-developed Stripping Method, the system does not involve any chemicals. The liquid manure treated with Purasystem, allows farmers to regularly fertilize their crops without polluting the ground water. Moreover, the system turns the filtered ammonia into so-called ammonium, which can be used as an artificial fertilizer for gardening.

47'000 tons

of toxic ammonia are emitted annually in Switzerland, 95% of it originating in agriculture. With PuraSystem, these emissions are reduced up to 60 percent.

15012 Liters

or 150 billion cubic meters. That is supply of natural ground water resting under Switzerland’s surface. We would like to ensure its protection from pollution.

80 Procent

of our drinking water comes from ground water. Measuring points are already indicating that the safety limit for nitrate of 25mg/l has been exceeded in the ground water.

the founders of PURASYSTEM

Raphael spent his childhood in the countryside. Thus, nature has not only been a playground but also a school of life to him. On his grandparents’ farm he learnt how humans and nature can function together and profit from one another. To this day, Raphael’s enthusiasm for agriculture has not faded – he still finds balance from his studies in the outdoors and spends every minute of his spare time pursuing his dearest hobby, gardening. According to rumors, he isn’t the most talented of gardeners, but certainly the most passionate. As a young adult Raphael became more aware of the fact that maintaining the harmony between humans and ecosystems relies on giving as well as taking. Confronted with the extent of water pollution in Italy, Raphael decided to do something about it. With his father’s support, Raphael launched the project PuraSystem, to make a vital contribution to the preservation of nature.

Raphael Iten
Mark Iten
Fabio Zulli
Alessandro Sonego
Development Partner
Willi Brunner
Technical Advisor

What the people say

What donators, farmers and the media say about PuraSystem

Dominik Landolt


«Für mich als Bauer ist das eine gute Sache, weil ich weiterhin das Trinkwasser vom Hahn trinken und die Gülle auf den Feldern verteilen kann ohne die Umwelt zu belasten.»

Maaret Eich


«Ich weiss, dass viele Landwirte mit dem hohen Ammoniak-Gehalt in der Gülle zu kämpfen haben und teilweise ihre Gülle sogar abgeben müssen. Dieses Problem löst Pura mit einem natürlichen Vorgang.»

Johannes Michel


«Sauberes Trinkwasser geht jede und jeden etwas an. Deshalb unterstütze ich Purasystem.»

Fredy Mitrovic


«Nicht nur die Schweizer Natur sondern auch die Schweizer Landwirtschaft profitiert davon.»



«PuraSystem löst das unkontrollierte Problem der Nitratbelastung.»

La Voce di Mantova


«So reduziert man die Verschmutzung der Landwirtschaft.»

Now we need you!

To save the Swiss drinking water, we need your help: With your support, we can employ Purasystem across Switzerland, save the drinking water, and enable our farmers to fertilize their crops efficiently and ecologically.


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